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Why You Should Use Elementor For Your Website

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Building websites can be difficult and time-consuming, and on top of this, you need to learn how to code, right? The answer is a big, resounding “NO” There are many WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) page-builders available, one of which stands out from the rest. 

If you guessed Elementor then, you are correct! Elementor is a relatively new page-builder which has taken the internet by storm. With over 5,000,000 professionals, and used for the development of even more websites, Elementor has become THE web-builder of choice for many agencies, freelancers, professionals, and business owners. In this article, you’ll learn how Elementor can benefit you.

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Elementor A 2020 Top-Rated Website Builder

At R11 Solutions, we stand by Elementor as our top-rated website builder of choice, using it to develop our impressive portfolio of websites. We recommend Elementor to other agencies, freelancers, and business owners for several different reasons:

Impressive Interface

The Elementor editor has an intuitive and extremely user-friendly interface. Elementor’s widget library allows you to drag and drop prebuilt widgets into your page quickly. Its tab system lets you easily switch between content, functionality, and style settings. Its live preview options allow you to make the transition between editor mode and preview mode easily. On top of this, editing the page for various screen sizes is as simple as a couple of left-clicks.

Speeds up development time

Elementor includes a lot of efficient and convenient features to speed up the development time of your websites. Whether it’s the ability to copy and paste styles from widget to widget, global theme style settings, or reusable widgets and pages, thanks to Elementor’s template and block library system, development time will be quicker and more efficient than ever.

Unique and comprehensive widget library

With Elementor Pro, you have access to over 90 professionally designed widgets that you can use to customize your website. On top of that, with one or more of the many available Elementor add-ons, you can further expand the number of widgets available to you with added functionality and variety. Furthermore, Elementor includes unique widgets such as it’s built-in form widget (with multi-step components), and it’s signature popup builder.


Pros of Choosing Elementor to Design Your Website


The best popup builder

Popups are present in many modern websites. They’re useful for making conversions, upselling, and providing pertinent information. One of the greatest things about Elementor is its built-in popup functionality. With Elementor, you can design and customize your popups, control which pages they are presented on, and their triggers. Furthermore, you can customize buttons and links to dynamically trigger popups on specified pages, something especially useful when it comes to presenting forms.

Extremely impressive template and block library

With Elementor, you can kickstart your design with over 300+ professionally designed templates, ready to be imported into your page with the click of your mouse. Furthermore, you can choose from hundreds of available blocks, such as headers, footers, call to actions, forms, pricing sections, and more to include as part of your design. These high-quality premade templates and blocks are sure to cut down your design and development time by a significant degree should you choose to use them.

Most comprehensive responsiveness options

Elementor is also known for its settings and screen responsiveness. While in the Elementor editor, you can view and edit the page you’re currently on according to different screen types; mobile, tablet, and desktop. Most of the options available for each widget dynamically change according to the screen type you’re viewing. That means you can make modifications to a widget on one screen type without affecting other screen types. Furthermore, Elementor comes with a visibility option, where you can determine whether specific widgets, sections, or columns, are displayed on a particular screen type or not.

Many options for third party add-ons

If you find that Elementor’s 90+ widgets do not fully cater to your needs and requirements, one of the many third-party add-ons available for Elementor will. Many companies have taken the initiative of providing additional functionality and design customization options to Elementor users. Notable third party plugins include The plus add-ons, Piotnet add-ons, Dynamic Content for Elementor, Happy add-ons, and Essential add-ons. While tempting to use them all, we recommend that you stick to a couple to reduce the likelihood of incompatibility issues and website bloat.


Third-party add-ons often cause plugin incompatibility issues.

There are many third-party add-ons you can choose from however, Elementor also has additional features built-in. And either due to a lack of testing, or not actually meeting the same coding standards as the Elementor developers,  these add-ons sometimes cause issues with the Elementor editor, causing it not to load completely, or at all. Fortunately, all Elementor add-ons are modular, which means that the features and extensions each add-on provides can be toggled on and off. Often, resolving an incompatibility issue is as simple as toggling off an add-on’s available feature.

Some features lack useful options.

Elementor has a wide variety of useful widgets to build websites with, more so than any other page builder. However, some of the widgets are limited in their ability to be customized. These limitations pertain to both appearance and functionality. You’ll sometimes find yourself in a situation where a widget doesn’t quite address your needs. On the bright side, third-party add-ons often provide improved versions of these widgets, which you can very easily use as alternatives to ones that don’t quite get the job done.


Elementor vs. Other Website Builders


Being one of the original WordPress page builders, Divi has amassed a large user base and following since it’s release. Divi boasts affordability of pricing and numerous features that are unique to Divi’s page builder and theme.


  • Inexpensive pricing: For $89 year for use on an unlimited number of websites, Divi is unquestionably able to compete with its competitors on price. Furthermore, Divi has very competitive lifetime pricing. For $249, your Divi subscription comes with lifetime support, updates, and unlimited usage.
  • Comes with a theme: Independent of which cheap pricing plan you choose, your Divi page builder also comes bundled with the customized Divi theme, for maximum compatibility with its page builder. 
  • Tonnes of templates: By default, Divi comes with access to its template library, where you can find over a thousand preset designs and layouts, ready to be imported to your website. Whether you want to use one of their templates as inspiration for your own or to use on your website, they’re sure to cut down your development time. 


  • It is not the easiest to use: Divi comes packed with features and options, to the point that it may be overwhelming and unnecessary for some. While this was a result of catering to users’ feature requests, It may deter new users from wanting to learn the ropes.
  • Shortcodes when deactivated: Unlike other page builders, if Divi is disabled (either by choice or through a glitch), your pages will be left full of unsightly shortcodes. That means that if you ever wanted to switch page builders, you can expect to conduct a tonne of maintenance.
  • Lacks a popup builder: Unfortunately, Divi lacks a popup builder, which Elementor includes. Many modern websites utilize popups, as they’re great for one-page web sites and for websites looking to boost conversions.

Beaver Builder

Since its release in 2014, Beaver Builder has grown to be one of the most widely recognized, trusted, and relied upon page builders on the market. Beaver Builder is known for its excellent support, ease of use, and reliability.


  • Extremely reliable, especially for updates: Beaver Builder updates are guaranteed to: never break your website. For this reason, many agencies use this as their web builder of choice. If there do happen to be any issues, you can expect a quick and effective response. For high-stakes projects, this perk is essential.
  • Top-notch support: The support staff for Beaver Builder is organized, responsive, and knowledgeable. They’re able to provide useful solutions and insight into user’s problems promptly. 
  • Easy to use and learn: With it’s clean, simple, and well-organized interface and options, Beaver Builder establishes itself as a user-friendly, easy to use page builder. Beaver Builder comes with additional ease of use features such as a link to the WP dashboard from within the builder, making it ultra-convenient for its users. 


  • Lacks a form builder: Unfortunately, Beaver Builder doesn’t come with an inbuilt form builder. Forms are essential to nearly every website, which means to remedy this, developers must turn to 3rd party plugins such as WP forms or Contact form 7 to fill the void, adding additional bloat to the existing plugin stack. 
  • Need to purchase 3rd party add-ons for extra features: As demonstrated by Beaver Builder’s lack of a form builder, Beaver Builder’s widget library isn’t quite as comprehensive as it’s competitors. Meaning you will need to install 3rd party add-ons to fill some of its functional gaps
  • No, undo/redo option: As any developer or designer will know, mistakes are part of the web-building process. Without a function to redo/undo, the manual time spent doing this will quickly add up. The lack of convenience may also prove to be annoying for some of its users.


As you can see, Elementor is a unique, comprehensive, and incredibly useful page-builder that significantly speeds up the development process and provides the developer with a lot of freedom to utilize their inner creativity. While there are other great page-builders out there that are worth considering, Elementor’s unique features and ease of use separate it from its competition, placing it in a league of its own. For these reasons, we couldn’t recommend Elementor enough. If you have any questions about how we use this plugin, reach out to us via social media, or contact us on our website.

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Why You Should Use Elementor For Your Website

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