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Why Click Funnels Make Your Business Look Like A Scam

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Why you shouldn’t always stick to the devil you know…

Templates are easy however, they are also uncreative. If you’re not well versed in design, sales or marketing it’s tempting to look for quick solutions to your conversion issues. However, a positive user experience often translates to positive sales experiences, and templates rarely provide this.

In our current online landscape, what’s easily identifiable and replicable doesn’t instill trust. The instant recognition of a click funnel you’ve seen on several websites doesn’t garner much confidence in a site. It comes across as lazy, and potentially as a scam.

Online, a business’s value is heavily built on first impressions. If a user has come across your chosen template on another site that gave them a bad experience, was disappointing, or caused harm by fraud, they’re going to make the same association with your site.

Every interaction a customer has with your business should be as unique and creative as the business itself.

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How custom experiences add value

Yes! It’s important to funnel your users. If someone lands on a website and there’s no clear call-to-action, you’ll risk a bounce. When people aren’t told what to do, they’ll often do nothing at all.

The problem is, most templates are heavily sales-focused, rather than user-focused. This also means they’re not very user-friendly. They are built to be one-size-fits-all. A rule that top marketers and amateurs alike know, is that when something’s meant to appeal to everyone, it will appeal to no one.

Unique messaging, marketing, and funneling are more appealing to new users. Creative experiences, tailored to your user and site, are an invaluable advantage to your business’s success.

There are limited benefits to funnel-hacking

There’s clearly a reason that templates and quick create funnel software are so appealing. Funnel Hacking can provide short-term results. However, it won’t provide the long-term effectiveness a custom experience will. Without breaking the mold, or a “Pattern Interrupt” as us marketing nerds say, businesses see their results quickly taper.

Pattern interrupts are any form of language, design, and customizations that forces your user out of their unconscious responses. They force your user to engage more intentionally with what they’re viewing, creating a more meaningful interaction and likely longer-term conversion rates.

Investing in replicated experiences provides no unique experience, no pattern interruptions and no long-term results. It comes across as lazy and unprofessional to the kind of clients you are most likely after, and if you’re reading this, you don’t cut corners.

But you know who does cut corners? Scammers. As well as all the fly-by-night operations that leave customers regretting the day they saw that easily recognizable funnel template.

Click funnel templates look like scams

There are some aspects of UX that rely heavily on familiarity. Website layout and visual hierarchy are important to keep consistent, so people won’t get lost on your website.
Your funnels are not one of these things.

Using a template, and having them be easily recognizable, serves the opposite purpose. They present as deterrence because of their familiarity.

If a customer went to a store run by a specific owner and had a negative experience, they’d be skeptical of another store associated with that owner.

In this analogy, if you and an online “corner-cutting bad cookie” have the same template funnel, even if you use a different logo, a user will make the association and say goodbye before you even had a chance to make your case.

And nobody wants that.
A custom experience saves you, and your user from any preconceived notions about your business. It allows you to make your case, as the unique online business that you are.

So what should you do?
Here’s where we come in

Your business’s strongest asset is its uniqueness. As a business owner, your creativity is what sets your brand apart. And it’s important to work with strong teams to help cultivate your unique, creative visions and voice.

Your design should align with your business’s individual message, tone, and mission. Customization will take your business to the next level by infusing your creativity, with a strong user experience.

At R11, we work with several types of businesses, like Online Academy. They’re an education company specializing in teaching students affiliate marketing. With so many free courses available, and fly-by-night courses with big promises and little value, the saturated education sector’s customers view online courses with a high level of skepticism. ‘

The strong UX and UI of Online Academy’s site make it stand out from the rest. R11’s design allows prospective clients to trust Online Academy’s reputability, the quality of their courses, and to justify their programs’ prices.

This site’s expertly designed UI gives the potential customer exactly the information they need without sacrificing a clean design, and without being pushy for sales. Demonstrating clarity, professionalism, and confidence. The design was aimed to focus on highlighting their product’s value and ease of use. Have a look at our portfolio for more businesses we’ve worked with.

Have we made our case? If so, Let’s get started. If not, let’s at least have a chat where we can show you some case studies that will show you how much of a difference this actually makes.

Email us for a consultation. You’ll get an overview of what we can do for you and your site, which will give you value regardless if you go with us… Because like you, we’re not a SELL SELL SELL kind of company, we put value to our customers above all else.

Hope to hear from you

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Why Click Funnels Make Your Business Look Like A Scam

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