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Template Funnels: How They Add Unpredictability to Your Business

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When it comes to building your funnels…

 Is all of your hard working paying off?  Or  Are you spending countless hours in vain?

You firmly believe in the product or service that you sell.

The backend structure of your business provides users with an amazing experience that gives people transformation rather than sells just a product. 

Customers rave about what you offer. Heck, they find every opportunity to talk about you (Similar enthusiasm to Crossfit, Vegan, or Keto etc.).  You can hear them screaming from the rooftop, about how great your company is. 

The Customers Initial Impression

When potential customers enter your funnel however, their initial impressions are lackluster. The funnel experience of your company has the same look and feel of everyone else in your niche.

That’s because some insights and design features were “creatively stolen” or Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V from your competitor’s ads.

It’s smart in theory, you’re going after the same target audience, the same demographic, and you’re emulating what’s working. 

But while you are trying to blend in, are you truly standing out?

It’s a frustrating position to be in because you feel you can make or break your company’s growth based on the success of your funnel. 

An Honest Truth

Although you’re copying what has already been validated. Your design is missing a crucial element to set you apart from everyone else. 

Because everyone advertises. 

If you’re in the coaching, consulting, or service industry taking a cookie-cutter approach–will only add to the uncertainty of conversions. 

In a user-experience-driven world, everybody essentialy has the same funnel, at some point it’s difficult to tell the difference between one person’s business from another.

Potential customers have no way to cut through all the smoke and mirrors. 

The already established brands/personalities will beat out smaller businesses because of their credibility and their social proof. 

Standing Out in Your Customer’s Eyes

Business owners can set themselves apart by taking a much different approach. 

A customer’s first impression of your business is based on the first thing they see and feel. 

This can be accomplished by providing the best and the most unique User Experience (UX) and Design. If you bring a new level of UX and design it brings a new level of predictability to your ads.

As a result, customers will feel that your business offers a fresh new perspective to accomplish their respective end result. And not another stale re-run of a product or service trying to solve their pain points.

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