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Increase your closing rate without upgrading your sales team

Fill your team’s “tank” with resources to help them increase sales exponentially with our Tank System!

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Is this asset a good investment for your business?

92% of customers read testimonials before they make a purchase (Bizrate Insights). Our Tank System can turn your clients’ testimonials into your hidden gold mine.

If you are in a high value industry, our system can deliver the clients you are looking for.






Real Estate




Your current clients can help you close sales by influencing
prospects with their comments and recommendations.

Builds a Human Connection

Collecting and using testimonials positively impacts your company’s self-image. Our Tank system allows you to control the narrative, build trust, and sustain customers throughout the buyer's journey, which is essential for success in selling.

Facilitate Closing Sales

A ‘Tank’ page communicates a special offer, incentive, or other opportunity by using customer testimonials. Customer sophistication is on the rise and purchasing decisions are much more complex. A tank page adds powerful social proof that builds trust in your business.

Past Clients Close Sales for You

Peer-to-peer communication is a powerful means to convince new prospects that you are the answer to their problems. Testimony from past clients helps you stand out from the crowd. Our system uses your past clients to quickly close sales with new prospects.



The Tank Page showcases the best customer testimonials available for your business. It includes a short introduction and an easy-to-follow sales process that will support your business goals.

Quick intro of you and your business
All the client testimonials you want
You get a dedicated account manager that helps you gather your testimonials and categorizes them.

Our Tank Page System Includes


Website Development

R11 builds you a fast loading online presence that offers an easy to follow customer journey. We give your users a great website experience so that they reward you with their trust and business.


Testimonial Collection

No reviews yet? No problem! Your own R11 Assistant collects reviews and keeps your Tank Page up to date. Videos and screenshots are organized and categorized from your Facebook Groups or Emails.


Video Editing

We include a professionally edited video highlight reel of your testimonials. Optimization is included, so that future prospects will be able to discover you from Google through your proven results.


Drive Referrals

Use your Tank System as a source where your best clients can drive future clients to you

Do Personal Reviews Make a Difference?

Online reviews are today’s personal recommendations. They are the subtle push users need to make up their minds and take action. In short, reviews reflect the unvarnished truth about a user’s buying options.
88% of consumers trust user reviews as much as personal recommendations. (BrightLocal)
No matter how perfect one or two of those options may look, reviews are where consumers find more evidence to paint the complete picture before clicking on the purchase button… or not.
63% of consumers need to hear company claims three to five times before they actually believe it. (Edelman Trust Barometer)

Consumers need to see adequate social proof before trusting your business. Knowing this, you should be promoting higher review counts and enhancing your online reputation.

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Yes, it is! Why? That’s because a tank page is filled with testimonials for your products or services. Regular use of customer testimonials will help you generate around 60% more revenue, not just per customer, but also from every time they visit your brand. But that’s not all, 92% of people say they read testimonials before considering a purchase. Happy customers, happy business! A tank page is a great solution to help your potential customers find what they’re looking for.

At marketing agencies, we usually refer to these kinds of pages as a tank page because it’s a “tank” filled with testimonials. But at R11 we see it as more than a page that keeps your business secure and targets your clients with information that will lower their objections during the purchase phase. Metaphorically speaking, we can compare it with an “armored” tank, protecting your business.

Statistics are clear, 63% of consumers need to hear company claims three to five times before they actually believe them (Edelman Trust Barometer), the average consumer reads 10 online reviews before making a purchase decision (BrightLocal), and Testimonials can increase conversions on sales pages by 34% (VWO).

Your tank page or redesign will be created on Elementor for WordPress. Contact us for more information about this. 

Connect with your customers, enhance engagement, and help them make a decision.



We believe that the custom solutions we create come from honesty and being the right fit for your company. We are selective and will tell you if we think we are not the best experts to achieve your goals.

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