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About the client

Human Wellness provides an integrative clinical experience online and they diagnose, treat, and support clients remotely. Their mission is to spread their vision of health as a lifelong pursuit and prevent health issues before they begin. Founder and Clinical Nutritionist Marko Papuckovski believes that our health is something that we should proactively invest in, not reactively treat. He uses the exact strategies he learned through treating himself to help patients overcome their health concerns and fulfil their highest potential.

Project Goal

To develop an attractive, audience-centered website that provides access to many resources and health-related solutions. As well as designing an eye-catching professional ebook that serves as the centerpiece for attracting and informing potential customers about Humanwellness.com


Futura PT




Final Result

The finalized website is clean and distinct, with a modern yet personal feel throughout. Its simple UI allows easy navigation to inform visitors quickly, and allows for effortless action for visitors to register. Within one scroll through, a visitor will understand the prime tenants of methods, practices, steps involved in the process, and build trust in the company and its founder. All with a clean interface and as little clutter as possible.

Thank you for your attention!