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About the client

Meet FXGlobe, a financial powerhouse that's been making waves globally since 2009. Its balance of advanced trading technology and personalised touch has secured the brand as a trusted ally to over 45k clients worldwide. What truly sets FXGlobe apart is its innovative FXGlobe Community and the educational goldmine, FXGlobe Academy. At the heart of it all, FXGlobe's mission is a simple yet powerful one: encouraging traders to always "Go one trade further".

Project Goal

FXGlobe had a clear vision: to evolve and resonate with today's dynamic financial landscape. This meant a total brand revamp, from a modern logo to a refreshed web aesthetic. But it didn't stop there. They aimed to establish three distinct, geo-specific websites, each tailored to comply with regional regulations. Beyond the visuals, it was crucial to distil the brand's story, refine its voice, and craft a cohesive style guide. FXGlobe also had big aspirations for content creation and new resources, like the FXGlobe Academy and partner tools.


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Final Result

Working with FXGlobe has been one epic collaboration. We kicked off with a brand transformation that caught the eye of modern traders worldwide. Rolling out three multi-language websites? Check. Welcoming onboard the FXGlobe Ambassadors, an impressive lineup of trading pros? Double-check. We hit the ground running with dynamic campaigns, standout content, and a variety of custom assets. From landing pages to promo vids, we’ve worked closely with the FXGlobe team to meet their needs. Today, we're more than just their go-to for creativity; we're trusted partners, helping them shine from trade shows in Madrid to webinars in London and beyond. And guess what? We're just getting started.

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