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About the client

Ethical Scaling is made up of Jay and Ben: a talented duo of client experience and customer fullfilment experts. They help 7-figure coaching and consultancy businesses to operate in line with core values like integrity, while being profitable and sustainable.

Project Goal

Create a well-organised attractive website that complements brand messaging and ethos. The design should be clean, simple, fun, and feel highly personal. Encourage one action (contact).


Futura PT




Final Result

We used bold, earthy colours and clean, smooth lines that visually communicate the brand’s principles of morality, integrity, and sustainability. The clear, user-friendly design echoes Ethical Scaling’s own mission of giving customers a seamless journey. Incorporating fun elements (watch out for the coconut!) and personal images showcases Jay and Ben’s energy and resonates with the target audience to drive conversions.

Thank you for your attention!