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R11 Solutions – in this article, we’re discussing the rethinking, redesigning, and implementation of SEO optimization for the first teeth whitening company in Canada, Pure Image. We will take you through the initial project start, our research, how we helped them to create a website that builds authority, and of course our results.

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Our humble backstory

Wild minds and disciplined eyes – that’s the motto at R11 Solutions. We combine state-of-the-art web development & design with personalized SEO and CRO to drive online conversion and help your business grow. Our team, based in Montreal, Canada creates a personalized design that converts, while assuring a superior user experience. We are innovative and push the limits of what is possible, making your company a digital success.


Imagine being the first in your field, in between all services and products, you were able to find the famous “hole in the market.” That is what PureImage did when they first introduced their teeth whitening services in Canada. But no matter what market you are in, this case study can be applied to your business.

The teeth whitening market took off fast, and years later PureImage found themselves in need of our help. When they came to us, they had an established domain but needed a redesign for their website, as well as an SEO campaign that would get them back to a #1 ranking in the strategic keywords that their customers use to find them.

Easier said than done because by now, the market flooded with competition. Competition composed of dozens of other businesses – supplied by PureImage. So, what are the odds that this innovative company would find themselves on top of their game again? Well, pretty small at first, but with our user experience focussed approach, we were able to get PureImage exactly what they needed.

Initial Project Data

When we started this project around November 2018, the number of visitors coming in by organic traffic in that month was 976. For a company with such a big target market, this was a clear point of necessary improvement. We also found the following relevant aspects of PureImage’s website: 

The number of backlinks to the website started with 200. The progress graph below shows that it’s currently at 250 backlinks, with 14 linked pages to the home page of Pure Image. 

The Onpage Optimization Rate measured in the average loading speed and number of page views. We found the following results: 

  • Avg. Page Load was 2.93 seconds in November 2018. The next year, when measured at the same moment, the avg. the Page load time was 2.15 seconds. 
  • The number of page views in November 2018 was 6068. In November 2019, that number rose to 15.847 views. 

The domain was already seven years old when we started with it, and it had a pretty solid domain strength of 0.55 on a scale of 0 – 1. By November 2019, we managed to increase this to 0.65. 

Another essential aspect that we analyzed when starting with this project was the website conversion rate that PureImage collected with their web page. After all, they had come to us to improve their ranking and eventually improve the number of sales. 

  • The conversion rate in November 2018 was 1,68% and grew to 2,37% in November 2019.


The following points are a short description of our mission during this project:

● Get PureImage back on the top of the ranking list. The company offers two lines of business, B2C, and B2B. Their B2C services consist of professional cleaning and whitening. They are also a wholesaler to spas and salons. So it was essential to get high rankings for both.

● Create a new feel and look for the web page. Businesses needed to convey directly on the website and have a feeling of trust and understanding.

Before we started with this project, the domain strength, and backlinks of the webpage were solid, however, the conversion rate, organic traffic, and rankings were shallow, lost in a sea of newer companies, who had just recently built their websites. During the whole project, the most challenging part was to keep up and stand out from the competitors.


How did we build authority in the teeth-whitening space?

For this website, we first started with the building of attractive backlinks to get the GMB ranking higher. The existing pages had a very decent on-page optimization, which is why we could go in and add our keywords in the title and H tags.

When we started with this project, the backlink anchor text strategy was only to use the URL and brand name as anchor text. We do this to help build up the authority of the website, without taking too much risk.

Once we established authority, we started tapping the inner pages with backlinks that had our keyword optimized anchor texts. Which meant that if we built two links to the homepage, one of them was built to link to the inner pages with the anchor text that we selected. When we’d build enough links to the website, we started sprinkling in keyword optimized anchor texts as well – once every three links – to ensure we didn’t overdo it.

Guest posting is one of our primary methods to build backlinks, which is why we also incorporated this into the strategy for PureImage. We manually search for guest post possibilities and assure to provide value within the niche, so that website owners love working with us. Even though manual search takes more time, it helps us to build better connections and long term relationships that help our clients down the line.

Because of the domain age and our ability to build backlinks fast and effectively, we were able to give them the authority on the whitening subject back.

After this, the leads started rolling in, and we conducted the complete redesign of their website. This redesign focused on creating a more accessible, business-oriented webpage (as seen in the images above). The decision to go for this web design focus was based on analytical research that we conducted (mostly collected by Google Analytics). During this research, we noticed that there were a significant number of B2B customers browsing through their products.


Where did our research start?

For SEO optimization, we started with a precise keyword analysis of competitors and the best practices in the branch.

We started with the keyword that made the most sense – teeth whitening. We entered that keyword on Google and saw which websites were ranking on page 1 for it. We then use the Moz toolbar to analyze how many links were going to the specific pages that were ranking for this keyword.

That gave us an estimate of how many links we need to rank. And if we did our link building correctly, we would need less links to rank. But that gave us a ballpark of how many links we would have to build for this project.

The next thing we did was to throw the top 5 websites in Ahrefs and use their organic keywords feature to see what other keywords these websites were ranking for. We did this because these websites were our direct competitors, and we wanted to go after all the keywords that they were ranking for.

Our thinking behind this is that our competition has already done the keyword research. And if they are ranking in the top 5 results for the keywords that we want to rank for, they MUST be ranking for other keywords that we might want to go for.

So after finding out all the keywords that our competitors were ranking for, we noticed that ‘teeth whitening Montreal’ and ‘teeth whitening training Montreal’ were the two most profitable and high volume keywords in the niche. Once we settled on those specific keywords, we could start with the content optimization.

The Content

For the content, we also went with a change in messaging, focused on helping businesses learn how to sell whitening. After this, we set up a Google Ad campaign with this same messaging. We directed our focus on the B2B aspect as the opportunity and projected revenue was better – our research found that the retail teeth whitening market was too crowded with competition.

The Google Ads were set up concentrated on utilizing the ‘how to start a teeth whitening business’ angel, education, and certification as well as ‘teeth whitening, done right.’ Giving business customers not just the tools to improve their current business or start a new one, but also knowledge on how to do this.

We created a digital marketing campaign that focussed on having their customers be able to grow their spa or salon by thousands per year – with starting a teeth whitening business. We told their customers to stop spending money on big marketing campaigns and more employees and focus on offering their existing clients more.

With this idea, we concentrated on the pain points of most spas and salons in Canada, which is that they’ve always spent hundreds to thousands of dollars on marketing without significant results. PureImage could help these companies by offering more to their current clients, as well as finding new ones to bring in with an increased array of services.

Mobile - always on the go

Of course, during this whole process, we ensured that all content was not only optimized for mobile but also clearly imagined and created so you can get the same experience as on your desktop.


Our project with PureImage had the following results:

  • One of the main things we saw improving immediately after implementing the new SEO on the webpage was the increase in the number of first-time visitors. 85,5 percent of users are on the page for the first time, coming from a search engine.
  • An increase of 348% in the number of users, based on 11 June 2018 in comparison with 11 June 2019. See the image below.

  • Over time, we can also see that the bounce rate of the webpage has changed from almost 80 percent on average to 30.
  • PureImage is now easy to find on the first pages of Google. Currently, 64,3% of all traffic to the website comes from organic search (which were 2385 visitors in November 2019).

It was our great pleasure to collaborate with PureImage. When we started this project, PureImage had gone through a streak of losing their ranking on Google. At the point we got on board, they’re page ranking was almost non-existent. But now, PureImage is restored to their former glory and back on the first page.

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